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LiteBlue USPS(

LiteBlue USPS (Official LiteBlue.USPS.Gov)
This article is on the LiteBlue USPS Official Website is Liteblue.USPS.Gov organization which is used to function for the employees of the Postal services across the United States. The Post Office Department was founded in 1775 with Ben Franklin as the first Postmaster General. Liteblue is united states Government website is designed and used only for postal service employees. Liteblue will help people in their career, benefits and keep everyone connected with policies that affect their Job. Anyone should not use LiteBlue to assist their performance of work for the Postal Service outside of their scheduled or approved work time. Liteblue is packed with information about career development revenue service performance, products, and recognition. Liteblue has a secure connection to check access to PostalEase during the open season and change user benefits selections. Liteblue is designed and intended for Postal Employees personal use only.


LiteBlue USPS: Before the online administrations, the postal administrations the board was confusion in the nation. Dealing with the assets, financing, postal records and other imperative issues all were dealt with through manual tasks all through the system. With the development of innovation, we currently have the LiteBlue.USPS.Gov site that oversees the vast majority of the tasks of the administration. All representatives have profitable rights to get to the entrance and check subtleties and requests. The administration has immense order with the assistance of which the stream of data happens. The framework handles data like compensation subtleties and work assignments to prevalent control and group the board devices.

Taking care of the world's biggest postal system isn't a simple employment to do yet with LiteBlue administrations and the PostalEASE online interface, information stream, quicker correspondence, and association between systems continue perfectly. There are different highlights of the administration that we will see later on in this post here. To get to the LiteBlue Login Procedures, see here.

Facts about LiteBlue USPS (or) Postal Service: 
The USPS LiteBlue( postal service delivers more mail than any country in the largest geographical area in the world. Delivering to more than 157 million addresses in every state, city an town in the country, everyone in the U.S. All the citizens and residents have access to the USPS services equally.
  • The Postal Service remains a very relevant and necessary provider of communications to this nation for more than 240 years. There are many facts regarding the USPS( that lead to the growth of the LiteBlue services to manage it better. Here are some facts that you may read about the USPS.
  • The Postal Service is at the core of the $1.4 trillion United States mailing industry that employs more than 7.5 million people.
  • Through USPS 6,578,439 Number of passport applications accepted at Post Offices.
  • Using USPS 36.8 million number of address changes processed.
  • Delivering 157.3 million number of delivery points nationwide.
  • There are various standards of the mailing systems like the First Class mail ($27.3 million) & the Standard mail ($18.0 million).
  • The service employees almost a total of 7.5 million employees in the whole grid. There are about 500,000 career employees and 150,000 non-career employees in the US postal services.
  • There is special attention to the disabled and elderly members of the society to whom the carrier services operate on an emergency basis. If the post service unit at any center notices a medical emergency or accident related mail, they take special extensive action to deliver the mail faster, despite it being First Class or Standard.
  • The Postal service of the US is the only body organization that alone builds its revenue and collects no tax return for funding the services. It simply generates from the transport and courier charges and the stamps as well.
  • The Postal Service receives NO tax dollars for operating expenses and relies on the sale of postage, products, and services to fund its operations.
  • U.S mail is protected by more than 200 federal laws enforced by the postal inspection service, one of the nation’s oldest law enforcement agencies.
  • The postal service is the only organization with the resources, network infrastructure, and logistical capability to regularly deliver to every residential and business address in the nation.
  • For 50 cents anyone can send a letter, regardless of geographic location to anywhere in the US.
  • From 2017 onwards, the Postal Service continued to expand Sunday package delivery to meet the shipping needs of customers shopping online.
  • The postal service processes and delivers 47 percent of the world’s mail and is constantly innovating to make customer experiences better.
  • More refined conduct is made for the Priority Mail Express services. It indulges any courier or parcel that has to be delivered to any location in the United States within 24hours.
  • Recyclable boxes are available for free under the Flat rate Priority mail order.
  • The postal service has more than 230000 vehicles one of the largest civilian fleets in the world. Next-generation vehicles will have improved ergonomics, features and fuel efficiency, and design ­exibility.
  • The Postal Service has the nation’s largest retail network — bigger than McDonald’s, Starbucks and Walmart combined, domestically.
  • The Postal Service employs more than 105,000 military veterans, one of the largest employers of veterans in the country. The organization has also issued more than 140 stamps honoring the nation’s military history, including the Service Cross Medals stamps.

    For 105 years, postal employees, charities and individual and corporate volunteers have helped spread the magic of the holiday season to families in need by answering and “adopting” letters mailed to Santa.
  • The web services are multi-lingual so that it can accommodate Simple Chinese and Spanish as well. Of course, the first-hand language is English.
  • There are about 336 million visitors on the USPS LiteBlue tracking website(
  • Most users tend to download the LiteBlue App on their Android and iOS devices so as to access the services faster and keep track of their mail easily.
There are so many facts regarding the USPS services that we can keep on going with all day. However, we hope that these facts have brought you insight as to how important the web services are in development and management of the mail services.

More About the United States Postal Service:

The web service and portal have been in use for quite some time now. All employees and associated members have access to the official portal. There are various uses and features of the service that the users can avail. Here are the important features that the USPS Lite Blue service offers:

The LiteBlue service is a web portal which the employees of the United States Postal Services or “U.S. Post services” can access to manage their work, recognition, products, and revenue relating details directly.
  1.  It simply manages the services and details of the personal directories of the employees.
  2. They share details regarding specific projects to meet the customer’s needs in time.
  3. The information regarding mail orders and job tracking too has easy access for all users. Specific business functionalities are also applicable to services like “PostalOne!”.
  4. Automatic schedule processing for shipment and mail drops to the destinations.
  5. Extended record system management via the directory for future use and records. Secure login and access to the employees portal for management of their accounts and functions in it.
  6. The postal service has the largest gantry robotic fleet in the world using 174 robotics systems to move 314,000 mail trays per day.
  7. The Postal Service uses more than 8,500 pieces of automated processing equipment to sort nearly half the world’s mail.
  8. Every year the Postal Service releases an Annual Sustainability Report reacting the performance of the previous year.
  9. U .S postal inspection service enforces federal laws, prevents crimes and keeps customers, employees and the mail safe. It’s one of the oldest law enforcement agencies in the nation.
  10. This online service uses demographic data to help business mailers make sure their marketing messages reach the right customers in a select neighborhood, city or ZIP    Code. There have been more than 3.4 million transactions, 6 billion mailpieces and      $2.6  billion in revenue.
There is ease of flow of data and request according to hierarchy levels. Other portals work in sync with the main LiteBlue.USPS.Gov services like LiteBlue USPS EPayroll, USPS TrackingUSPS Hold Mail, USPS forward mail(, USPS priority mail(, USPS shipping, PostalEASE, Business Customer Gateway, and the official website.

So these were few of the features that you can get through the USPS LiteBlue web services. We hope that this information was a help for you all to understand how the services are managed. It is definitely an over-the-night take to handle everything here but the processes are flawless till date.
How to create Liteblue Login New Password: Using Two Option anyone can change Passwords. They are shown below:


First, go to the login(link: and click on “Forgot Password?” option( Then follow the prompts on the returned screen to create your new password.  If you provide an email address, a verification link will be sent to that email address.  You must click on that verification link, within 72 hours, to complete the setup of your new password this the first way to change the password.


From  April 2014, letters were mailed to each employee’s address of record with a temporary password to use on the SSP website. You must change the temporary password provided in the letter to a permanent password.                         
Following the below instructions to set up your profile and change your temporary password:
  • To log onto the SSP site(, type in the Search engine (Example. Google, Bing, Internet Explorer, etc). Or from any page on LiteBlue, type “SSP” in the address bar.
  • Click on the “Enter SSP” button. The SSP login screen will display.
  • Then enter your Employee Identification Number (EIN).
  • Enter your temporary password, which you can find printed in the top right-hand corner of your letter.
  • Then Click on the “Sign In” button.  The Self-Service Profile Setup screen will display.
  • Change your temporary password by typing it in the “New Password” box, then again in the “Confirm Password” box. There will be general information and the password rules displayed.
  • Must contain at least one character from three of the four following types of characters.
  • Alphabet letters A-Z (uppercase), Alphabet letters a-z (lowercase), Numbers (0-9), Special characters !@$%^*_+~ (no other special characters are accepted).
  • Click the “Next” button to continue.
  • Select two “Security Challenge Questions” and enter your answer to each question.  These will allow you to regain access if you forget your new password.
  • Click the “Next” button to continue.
  • Enter your email address and confirm it. (This is OPTIONAL. If you choose not to enter an Email address check the “Skip Email and update later” box).
  • Click the “Next” button to continue. Click on the “Submit” button.  (Check for any error messages and make corrections if needed.).
  • The Initial Profile Setup pop-up window will appear.  If applicable, it’ll remind you to confirm your email through the link sent to the address that you entered in your profile.
  • Click the “OK” button. Then the SSP main page will display.
  • From this page, you can see your Profile Summary, manage your password, challenge questions, email address, or log out by clicking on the appropriate tab or button. You can also manage your 4-digit USPS personal identification number (PIN) for access to USPS telephone Interactive Voice Response IVR Self-Service applications.
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